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In order to get anyone to buy anything from you, you must satisfy 3 key criteria, what business am I buying from, what person am I buying from and what product am I buying. If at least one of these criteria has a question mark against it then simply you won’t buy the product. For example, look at a product that is undisputed in its class, Rolls Royce. Rolls Royce is the best car on the market, and presuming the price is right all of us would love to own one.  

If there was a new Rolls Royce for sale at an amazing price, and the person you were dealing with was the best, most likeable sales person but they work for a business that you didn’t feel comfortable with you wouldn’t buy that car, you wouldn’t risk it, you’d get your car somewhere else.  

If you went to the Rolls Royce garage itself and that same fantastically priced car was there, but the sales person you dealt with was difficult and you just didn’t like them, that person isn’t getting the sale, either you go to another sales person, a different garage or even worse they put you off buying a Rolls Royce altogether.  

Finally. the easy one, if you went to the Rolls Royce garage and you dealt with this amazing sales person but you preferred Bentleys to Rolls Royce, very simply you aren’t going to part with you cash on this occasion either.  

All three of these criteria must be satisfied, only when you deal with a brand and business you feel comfortable in (even better if you love the brand and become a raving supporter of the brand), with a sales person you like (even better if you love them, trust them and refer to them), and they present you with a product you like, will you take action.   

You must remember that within this you must use the power of 3, you must give 3 reasons love our business, 3 reasons to love us as people and 3 reasons to love our products (in this instance 3 reasons to love our vacancies). Again, following QSC these 9 points in total will change dependent on the person you are selling to, Qualify the prospects needs, Sell using specifically chosen USP/pull factors, and then Close the prospect for commitment.  


In conclusion, you can sell anything to anyone in 9 sentences, as long as you choose the correct 9 sentences.