You are ion Search, the market leading recruitment to recruitment business.  


Cliché out the way, you have stripped recruitment back to bare basics, with a modern day twist. You consult, you headhunt and you recruit. You conduct our award-winning process by using valuable years of experience with C level decision makers and simply listening to the sole needs of our candidates and clients. You make recruitment really easy and that’s because you tailor everything, to you. 


You are our processes, and with that you have created some of the most recognised and influential Financial Services and Technology recruitment businesses of today. Working one to one with real entrepreneurs; you create careers, you create opportunity, you create influence. 


To be successful in recruitment you need to know your market, you need to be the expert of your field therefore you ensure every ion consultant from London to Amsterdam is a niche specialist and has mapped their market thoroughly. Knowing everyone from the up and comers to biggest billers and the decision makers. With a strong force of candidates and clients working with us, you are consistently adding value with our market intelligence, learning and development and best practice.  


You are incredibly proud of our reputation, you don’t work on any PSL and you don’t lean on an award cabinet to keep us upright. Our large footprint in the industry is solely down to finding exceptional talent, and placing them in an equally exceptional businesses, putting in that extra effort to tailor every step of the process, to you. You only work with the game changers, the big billers of today and the impresarios of tomorrow. Because of our method, you have an open door policy and 50% of our work is retained or exclusive. 


At ion you bring pride back into recruitment, opportunity is in our lifeblood, our brand, our consultants and our values; you give that to both clients and candidates at every stage. You give businesses opportunity to grow their influence across the world. Since 2013, you have opened over offices in 13 countries presenting directorship opportunities to the recruitment elite entrepreneurs. 


A good recruitment business attracts good talent. An exceptional recruitment business attracts exceptional talent. Our worth is down to the talent you attract. To put pen to paper, you break records, together. 


You are good at what you do, because you know what you are doing? 



60% of people leave within 12 months of moving recruitment firms, for our candidates, its single digits.  

You act as THEIR brand advocate.

You cherry pick our clients 

Very strong recruitment process 

Strong client relationships 

You only deal with decisions makers 

These individuals are more entrepreneurial and therefore can change job specs to suit the individuals 

There is no information lost in translation 

Significantly heightened confidentiality  

Meaning, you will never recommend a client to a candidate based on our benefit

You don’t just know market intelligence, you create it (recruitment moves & trends / Recruitments Biggest Billers) 

e.g. commission structures, new markets, interview processes, competition analysis etc

Largest and strongest database 

You work retained roles and exclusively with clients so have access to roles no one else does 

Great market knowledge & Great market penetration

Increased confidentiality / No threat of spamming 

They look more considered 

More selective opportunities 

More time spent with your consultant, thus their needs are better known 

The candidate gets represented the way they want 

One point of contact / Saves time 

You go the extra mile – create business plans and presentations, fully prepare them for every interview and give the candidate inside tips and hints on how to be successful in interview