Client preparation is just as important as candidate preparation. You need to tell the client how to impress the candidate and gain vital feedback about what to expect within the role and how to get through it. You should take this is also an opportunity for us to reiterate the solution you sold when you presented the candidate. This conversation is not just to educate the client and ourselves it is also to create an element of excitement, you almost need to act like a boxing compare generating a level of excitement for the client before they meet the candidate.  

Career progression Salaries / Performance Expectations 

Any reservations / queries of the candidates? 

What they like and don’t like about the candidate 

If they have unrealistic expectations address this EARLY.

(re sell the candidate)  

Make them visualise the candidates in the business  

(create a positional good – focus on the rival companies that the candidate is interviewing with)




Expected packages 


The candidates likes and dislikes 

Our other client’s thoughts about the candidate 


try to get another interview booked before the interview has taken place. If this is a final stage try to get the client to take an offer letter in the interview with them so the candidate (can sign it there and then, if appropriate) “possession is nine tenths of the law”.