You need to be able to distinguish between a job need and a job want. Many companies want many different positions but unless someone is perfect they won’t offer. It is only when the company NEEDs a position filling is when they may be more willing to spend some money and be more realistic with what they are looking for.  


Specifying the requirement  


Initially, you should be trying to arrange meetings on the clients premises with the main client contacts (the more senior the better). In these meetings you should be attempting to find out as much knowledge about the company as possible to enable us to target the right candidates. Once this foundation of knowledge has been accrued you are able to quickly understand requirements as they arise. You must recognise if the role is worth filling and how to sell the role if it is. It is always important to ask why at all turns, this conversation is going to allow you to control the process for the client. 


  • Have we got rates agreed? 
  • Job Title / Job duties / Location 
  • Profile of someone doing the role already or the profile of the individual we’re replacing 
  • Do they know of anyone that would be perfect for the role, why? 
  • Technical area 
  • Experience required 
  • Current Revenue streams of the desk  
  • Start date 
  • Remuneration (base salary / bonus / extras) 
  • What’s the interview process? 
  • Team size / Business size / Revenues / Office locations etc / dynamic / culture 
  • What are their career prospects / progression? 
  • What success stories have you got for the desk / business?  
  • Are there any businesses that you would want / not want candidates from?  
  • Biggest selling points of the role / business? 
  • What they think the successful candidate will look like / personal traits of the candidate 
  • Who is the job reporting to? 
  • Why is this position open? is it a replacement or addition 
  • How long has the position been open / how soon do you need to fill the position / how are they coping at the moment 
  • Are there other agencies are looking at the position? If so, how are they performing? 
  • How many people have they interviewed already / why have you rejected other candidates who interview for the position / where are other candidates in process with this role (how are the candidates doing in interview) /  
  • What’s the clients availability interview? 
  • Would you look at a retained solution? 
  • Personality – What are the traits and background of their most successful hire? 
  • Who was the last person they hired and why did they take them on?  


As we offer a recruitment solution that yields immediate results it would be prudent for is to block out some time in your diary now. What times and days in the next week work for you?”