Discuss your clients that may be of interest (minimum of 3 and maximum of 5)

Remind the candidate how many companies in the industry in 2019 there was 35,000 in the UK and this figure grows by 3,000 per year. Remind the candidate of our approach, they must understand that you have taken into account exactly what they want and you are using these parameters to choose the best business for them. If you have done the pre-screen properly and ran through the rules of engagement the candidate should have no issue fully buying into your options when selling your solution.  


Tailor the approach using the push and pull factors ascertained in the pre-screen to rehash negatives and resell positives, sell 1 business at a time weakest to strongest. By the candidate’s reactions and questions you will learn how to better sell the next opportunities. Using the Push and Pull factors talk about the position, how it arose, why it’s vital and the story behind it. You must have a good understanding of the business you are pitching and be prepared for an array of questions from your candidate.  People buy people and stories. Talk about success stories, people we’ve placed there, why they joined, why the love it. Don’t just list facts, tell stories.  

What do you sell (what questions WILL be asked):

What sectors do they cover 


Other office locations 

How many people in the office 

How many people on that desk 

How many people in the business 

Growth plans 

Learning and development 

Management style 

Recruitment style 

Promotion opportunities 

Background of the manager 

KPI’s, their opinion of them 

KPI’s what are they 

How many people leave and why 

Interview process 

Average biller 

Biggest biller 

Culture of the business 



Commission structure 


Age of business 


Success stories 

Personal attributes of the founders  


It is simple, if you don’t know how to answer these points or sell our clients on these points you will not be able to fully satisfy the candidates curiosity and leave ourselves to the dreaded question of “can you send me some information?”  

People will naturally have a hesitance to do this. You must push them. They are interested in going to interview, they said it themselves, but sometimes people need a push or a polite reminder why.  


The candidate at this point may get nervous, they may want to back out or take time to consider options or may want to receive more information. If they need more information you need to understand why, are they making excuses to buy more time or is there something genuine that they need to find out that you haven’t answered. You either need to relax the candidate or answer these questions. It is important not to rush the candidate, it will be a meeting, a chat or a conversation, if they are passive in the market place they may not be ready or willing to “interview” so you simply change the language of the meeting and inform the client that you have done this.