You must remember that people only care about themselves so you MUST sell them the benefits of working with you. Make it known that you are on the same side as them by using joining words like “together”, “us” and “we” etc.  


One has to consider that moving jobs is never an easy thing to do and therefore it is vital that you make it as easy a transition as possible. If you are going to surgically remove the candidate from their current role and you have act like a surgeon. Calmly and precisely describe exactly how you will act so the candidate knows that they are sitting in safe hands.  


The “Rules of Engagement” is important to go over as it’s not just to tell the candidate how you are going to act but also to tell the candidate how they are expected to act. You will do all this work for the candidate but the candidate must play their part.


All you want is the following 4 committments: 






It is important to explain to the candidate exactly our process so they understand that they are going to be represented in the most professional manner. The more clarity you can give a candidate the more comfortable they will be with our process. 

You are not going to pitch 100 different ideas in the hope that 1 will fit the bill 

You aren’t going to send an email with a list of ideas and leave the candidate to research them 

As only headhunt you only deal with passive candidates and therefore you are fully experienced in the fact they are not active and not used to dealing with this etc 

You act almost as a recruitment concierge, doing all the necessary things, helping with business plans and presentations, making sure the candidate knows everything about everyone, making sure the candidate is fully involved in every decision and has full visibility of the process 

You will discuss 3 different ideas and fully brief them on each one with the aim of arranging 3 interviews 


It is very similar to the children’s game “guess who” where by asking questions about characteristics of businesses you are able to uncover what is the best match, if you are left with too many options you aren’t being specific enough and if you are left with too few you need to manage expectations.  

You are candidate agents:

You see yourself as an extension of the candidate in the market place so you act under their direction and with their best interest in mind.


You will only work with candidates on an exclusive basis for the following reasons:  


For us as the Consultant: 

– Guaranteed revenue 

– No time wasting 

– Stronger relationship with the client: The client will trust you more 

– Helps build stronger candidate relationships 

– Greater control of the process 

– No threat of competition 

– Control of information (no chance of the candidate getting put off your client) 

– It makes you look good and more selective 

– Easier to book interviews 

– Quicker and easier to close deals 


For the Client: 

– Unless they work with you, they have no access to the candidate 

– They have a greater control of the process 

– Lower threat of losing the candidate  

– More time efficient  

– Reduces the chance of misinformation 

– Know who they are competing against 

– Know you encourage positive selling not negative (their brand name will remain strong) 

– As youre very selective the client can be assured you will only send suitable candidates 


For the Candidate: 

– You go straight to C Level and Managing Director rather than internal recruiters and managers. This is an advantage as the candidate may not fit a particular team and therefore would usually be rejected by another individual however the MD can be more entrepreneurial and fit the individual in. Our success rate is higher as you (the people that know the candidate) pitch right to the decision maker and can pitch in the candidate better than an internal recruiter who will do so using 3rd party information. Also going to the decision make save time and increases confidentiality. Finally a candidate looks better going down from MD to Manager rather than being passed up from Manager to MD. 


– Increased confidentiality 

– No threat of spamming 

– They look more considered 

– More selective opportunities 

– More time spent with your consultant, thus their needs are better known 

– Much better levels of interview perpetration 

– As they’re dealing with a market specialist they would receive greater market exposure  

– They have greater control of the process 

– You are specialist recruiters and you have strong industry knowledge and a successful track record 

– They get represented the way they want 

– You have the strongest client relationships 

– One point of contact 

– Saves time – The candidate isn’t wasting time speaking to multiple consultants and speaking to the wrong businesses 

– You go the extra mile – create business plans and presentations, fully prepare them for every interview and give the candidate inside tips and hints on how to be successful in interview 

– You work many retained mandates and thus if the candidate doesn’t work with us then they are actually reducing market exposure 

– You know the clients very well so are able to prepare you better for the interview