The “Pre Screening Candidates” and “Rules of Engagement” and “Selling your solution” are all one conversation.  


At this early stage you must start managing the counter offer. This should be covered at every conversation as well as push and pull factors. Remember to ask what could your current company do to keep you? There will always be a tendency to stick with what you know as the candidate trusts their current employer and has never even met our options as of yet. It is important that on this first real conversation you remember to QSC (Qualify, Sell, Close). Often a sales person will not qualify their target properly, they will ask questions and whilst the person is speaking they won’t listen but instead they will think of what they will say next, this is a mistake. It is vital that you listen to everything that the candidate says and make detailed notes so you can quote them at a later date. If you don’t fully understand the pleasure and pain of a candidate (Qualify) you won’t fully understand how to Sell or Close the candidate therefore the chances of doing a deal will be diminished.  


You need to manage the split between managing the candidate’s expectations but also sell enough to the candidates that they are excited by our clients. 



Our company and the consultant’s background 

How you are different 

Our process 

How you ensure the best possible service 

Find commonality. You have to ensure that the candidate not only likes us but also trusts us. A candidate is unlikely to be controlled if they don’t trust us.  

The more a candidate talks the more comfortable they are, and the more information you have to sell to them   

What’s it like at ……….. 

How are they finding the market place? 


You can also use this information from the pre screen to get market information about their company for your golden companies list.