We recommend to only work with candidates who score a 7 or above out of 8. 95% of our candidates placed are either a 7 or an 8 so why work with lower?

We want to see regular promotions (every 1 – 2 years) rather than someone that has stayed in the same junior – mid level positions for a significant amount of time.

This could have been at any point in their career, but take the guess work out of it, our clients love people from premier league and champions league companies.

Only recruit people who live in locations we have a track record in placing in

They should recruit in markets our clients recruit in, it’s the difference between hiring and acquiring talent.

The candidate should have a degree, if they don’t have 4 or more years experience within recruitment

We don’t want to see odd gaps in CV’s or more jobs than years. The Client will look at them and think, if they moved around a lot before now, whats to stop them again, and, if they went travelling for a year previously, whats to stop them going again, or if they were long term unemployed they may ask, if they were any good why haven’t they been hired already?

Traditionally we recruit 360 degree recruiters which means, find our clients 360 degree recruiters

We in now way are ageist, however our clients most likely may not want to hire a managing director that is 21 if all their managers are 50 and visa versa. Culture is massive for clients and we should present candidates that are appropriate for their culture