It is important to tell the candidate to call as soon as they leave the interview even if it’s for 2 minutes on the way to the train as you’re going to speak to the client straight away, this will speed up the process and sets the quick pace for both candidate and client. Also the best candidates are proactive and giving feedback straight away demonstrates this.   


Feedback is always taken straight after the interview as: 

Candidates are on a high after an interview and are easier to close for the next stage straight after the interview  

This interview is fresh in their minds  

You get to know what they are really thinking (gut reaction) 

It shows proactively to the client and makes us and the candidate look good 

It allows us to quickly close the client on a second interview or offer 

You are able to pre empt a poor interview with the client 

Allows us to reinforce positives 

Minimise negatives 

If there are any reservations for the candidate you can deal with them instantly and not allow them to fester 

It requalifies why they don’t like their current role 

Feedback questionsThe more you find out about the interview the better as it helps us prepare other candidates that will later go into process with that client.