Referrals are a very easy way of getting candidates, and as they are passed from someone else tend to be the best type of candidate. Once you build your network they should come rolling in.  


Clients can give us referrals of people that are leaving them 

Clients can give us referrals of people that they have met for interview but not taken forward 

You can advertise our referral scheme on LinkedIn, our adverts, texts, messages etc 

Discuss our problem roles with our network and see if anyone could help 

After each “no” for our headhunt calls 

After each “no” for our LinkedIn messages  

As you are a trusted partner to our candidates they should feel encouraged to give us referrals, you should tell them “I don’t want to just place you, I want to place your whole network”.  

Clients can get recommended to speak to people and tell us to follow up on them on their behalf 


If a candidate is in process with us you should talk to them about referrals the call after pre-screen, you should make them feel that they are doing their friends a favour as you are doing such a good job and have such good opportunities  

The candidate should be made aware that you work in a relationship driven environment and therefore referrals are a large source of our candidate generation.  

Name drop individuals and see who else may be good or looking. 

If the candidate is unhappy for whatever reasons in the business there should be others that are unhappy too. 

Go to our candidates with problem roles that you may need help with and see if they know anyone that could help at all. 

Ask the candidate if they know anyone that may be good (someone that they’ve worked with previously, work with now, friends, family etc). 

Ask the candidate if they know anyone that may be looking. 

Discuss our referral scheme with our candidates and let them know they may earn some good money helping us. 

Get the details of the individuals that our candidate may have interviewed and met with for their current business. 


An easy way of getting a referral, would be to say “if you give me their mobile number I can register you for a referral fee”.  


Once you place someone, ask them again, they should feel like they owe you and most importantly you have just proved how good you are.  


Our referral scheme is  
£150 for up to £25,000 / £250 for up to £40,000 / £500 for up to £80,000 / £1,000 over £80,000