What does a candidate give us?

A candidate doesn’t just give us money, you should look at your candidate as a source of much more revenue than just a one off placement. Those that look at the candidate in a short sighted manner won’t do the full process with the candidate and therefore won’t achieve the full value from the relationship.

Multiple placement fees 35%
Flip / turn into a Hiring Manager 100%
Market Information / Intelligence 100%
Become a Raving Fan 100%
Client Mole 100%
Referrals 100%
Leads 30%
Data References (e.g Colleague's Name) 100%
Leads 20%

You must generate value from every call you make therefore you must ensure you get a minimum of the 6 100% results from every original candidate conversation.


Multiple placement fees. You should be looking to place this individual throughout their career. This shouldn’t be a one off. You should be seen as so trusted and such and expert that the candidate comes back time after.


Flip / Could be a hiring manager. If your candidate does become a hiring manager and you have a poor process then you will massively restrict your own business going forward, if you did well with them and kept in touch you will be able to make a lot more placements. If the candidate is not yet senior enough to be a hiring manager you must ensure that introduce us to their current manager who has hiring responsibility.


Market information / intelligence The best source of market intelligence always comes from candidates, they know whose doing what, whose hiring, whose firing, whose doing well and whose not.


Become a raving fan / supporter. You should want your placements to be raving fans, speaking to everyone at all times about how great you are


Client mole. The candidate should be telling us all the gossip from their new employer. It is really important that you are kept fully in the loop at all times.


Referrals. You do such a good job, our candidates should be proud and recommended us to all of their friends.


Leads. Lead generation is vital to continue to expand our current business.


Data. References / Colleague names. References is a great way to do new businesses and generating and individuals colleagues names etc is a great way of increasing an exclusive candidate pool.


Back fill. This is an easy win. You already know the role, you know who they take on and best of all you have a head start before the company goes to market.